AXREM Publish Patient Monitoring Manifesto


The 4 C’s – Consistency, Connectivity, Care Innovation
and Cash Savings

AXREM is the UK trade association representing the interests of suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging, radiotherapy, healthcare IT and care equipment including patient monitoring in the UK. Our group is comprised of most of the industry supply companies. AXREM members supply the majority of diagnostic medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment installed in UK hospitals.

In doing so, our member companies and their employees work side by side with a wide range of healthcare professionals in delivering healthcare to patients using our technologies. Our members therefore have unique knowledge, experience and insight into the workflow and challenges faced by healthcare professionals on a day-to-day basis, which enables us to develop and offer innovative solutions to improve the speed and quality of  patient care.

The AXREM Patient Monitoring Special Focus Group is made up of manufacturers and suppliers of patient monitoring solutions for in hospital and out of hospital use High Acuity Monitoring – for theatres, ITU, CCU and PICU, SCBU, A&E, Telemetry Monitoring, Holter Tape Monitoring System for ECG, General Ward Vital Signs Monitors as well as other specialist patient monitoring devices.

The group have collectively worked on this manifesto which raises some key points including the need for consistency talking as one NHS, standardising document requirements, processes, and procedures ensures that relevant information is accurately captured and effectively communicated between suppliers and trusts. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency, facilitating seamless coordination in patient monitoring initiatives.

Care Innovation is also a key point, as a trade body our members see the challenges hospital departments face daily, from capacity, staffing and funding issues and how this impacts patient care and outcomes. Innovation to support workflow and efficiencies is required as a consultative approach from companies such as patient monitor manufactures and the NHS to deliver the improvements in this challenging environment.

Connectivity is also raised as investing in connectivity is vital to transfer meaningful data to clinicians to improve patient outcomes. At the centre of this connectivity workflow are patient monitors that take patients vital signs, that along with Early Warning Scoring (EWS), allows clinical staff to make earlier interventions to give patients the best possible chance of recovery.

As a trade body our members see the challenges NHS departments face daily, from capacity, staffing and funding issues and how this impacts patient care and outcomes. This manifesto is focused on addressing these and will have a positive impact on the patient monitoring community. We make a number of calls for action in the manifesto.

David Britton, AXREM Patient Monitoring Convenor and Marketing Manager at Mindray said upon the manifesto being released “I am delighted that AXREM are launching the patient manifesto at EBME Expo, our primary industry event. The manifesto clearly lays out our industry requirements, with patient care always at the centre of our thoughts. I hope this sets the scene for a positive dialogue with key stake holders”.

Sally Edgington, AXREM Chief Executive Officer said “The Patient Monitoring SFG is one of our newer groups within AXREM, but have become a very proactive and collaborative group, which I think is demonstrated in this manifesto. I am proud to be able to represent the patient monitoring community and look forward to tabling this manifesto to parliamentarians after the general election has taken place, to see how we can help drive improvements”.

You can download the Patient Monitoring Manifesto HERE: AXREM Patient Monitoring Manifesto – AXREM