AXREM provides members with the AXREM Member Accreditation (AMA) Scheme which is a true low cost “not for profit” accreditation scheme which reduces the cost burden within the supply chain; (costs that would otherwise inevitably find themselves reflected in the cost of products and services borne by NHS Trusts).

The scheme is specifically aligned with NHS requirements and policies.  Indeed, the AXREM Member Accreditation Scheme Council includes representations from The Society and College of Radiographers, Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine, The Royal College of Radiologists and The British Institute of Radiology. This will ensure that the scheme is open and transparent, maintaining alignment with NHS and Professional Body stakeholders.

Fundamentally this is an employer scheme, such that the AXREM employer organisation underwrites the credentials of employees against agreed criteria. AXREM carries out “self-certification inspections” to ensure that the correct procedures are being adhered to by the relevant companies.

Scheme member employers commit to reflect NHS policies relating to:

  • DBS checking
  • Vaccination policy
  • Health & Safety
  • Education and training

Registrants will carry an AMA membership card which will display their name, their employers company name, their photo, and a unique ID number and associated QR code. The employment status of the individual can be simply checked at any time by scanning the badge on the QR code without requiring specialist equipment and enabling validation of the registrant.

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