Pre-owned Equipment Checklist for Ultrasound Equipment Published to Set Best Practice


Download the checklist here: AXREM Used Equipment Checklist Final September 8th 2023

The Ultrasound Manifesto produced by AXREM in 2022 reported the increasing demand for ultrasound services nationally, and the need for continued investment
in ultrasound equipment, training, and governance. Due to economic reasons, there has been an increasing trend in purchasing refurbished ultrasound equipment to meet clinical demand. However, there has been little guidance on how to best procure this equipment while maintaining standards in governance and equipment performance. 

With this in mind AXREM have worked in collaboration with the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS), the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), and the Society of Radiographers (SoR) to produce an ultrasound checklist.

We feel that this will increase the transparency of the history and current condition of pre-owned ultrasound systems before purchase, safeguarding potential buyers and sellers of used and refurbished equipment and to safeguard patient. The checklist has been designed to allow potential buyers to make more informed decisions, based on relevant information supplied by sellers, and is not in itself intended to provide detailed guidance on the purchase of pre-owned equipment.

The document consists of three checklists. The first checklist refers to ultrasound probes. The probes have been separated from the checklist from the rest of the imaging system because they are the most common point of failure and are replaceable without any changes required to the ultrasound system. The second and third checklists refer to the rest of the ultrasound system and post-sales support. The vendor of the refurbished or pre-owned ultrasound equipment should complete the checklists to provide confidence to purchasers that reasonable governance procedures have been followed.

This checklist has been a project where industry and other contributing sector organisations want to set best practice to ensure the very best quality equipment is provided, ensuring clinicians can get the best images, and patient get the best diagnosis and treatment.

Tim Palarm (Vice-chair) of AXREM’s Ultrasound SFG and formerly Senior Lecturer in Medical Ultrasound said “This publication is the culmination of months of collaborative work between subject experts from IPEM, BMUS, SoR and AXREM, of which I am immensely proud. These long awaited guidelines are to advise potential buyers of the questions to ask if they are considering the purchase of second-hand ultrasound equipment. This publication is long overdue as there is more governance apropos the purchase of second-hand cars than the procurement of pre-owned medical ultrasound systems, where clinical diagnoses are made”.

Gill Harrison, Professional Officer (Ultrasound) at The Society and College of Radiographers said “This document has been another example of collaboration with professional organisations and manufacture representatives working together to provide guidance to support safe, effective patient care. The development of this document should support those who are considering or in the process of purchasing pre-owned equipment to meet best practice standards”.

Professor Adrian Lim, President at The British Medical Ultrasound Society said “BMUS is delighted to publish this checklist which has been jointly developed with AXREM, SoR & IPEM. The checklist will help healthcare professionals to apply good clinical governance, based on international standards when they are considering the purchase of pre-owned ultrasound equipment”.

Sally Edgington, Chief Executive Office of AXREM said “It has been great to collaborate with key stakeholder organisations, and the group have worked hard for two years to develop this useful document, that we hope will set best practice and ensure the very best used equipment is provided to the NHS ensuring patient care is at the heart of everything we do”.



AXREM’s member companies supply most of the diagnostic medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment installed in UK hospitals. They work with Consultant Radiologists, Radiographers and Practitioners, Oncologists, and a wide range of healthcare professionals in delivering healthcare to patients using our technologies.

Our members have unique knowledge, experience and insight into the workflow and challenges faced by healthcare professionals on a day-to-day basis, which enables us to develop and offer innovative solutions to improve the speed and quality of diagnostic procedures and treatments with our ultimate aim of improving patient care.

Although our members operate in a highly competitive commercial environment and in strict conformity with UK laws and regulations, certain issues such as this require focus and resolution on an industry-wide basis.


IPEM is a York-based charity and is the professional organisation for physicists, clinical and biomedical engineers and technologists working in medicine and biology. IPEM has more than 4,600 members working in hospitals, academia and industry across the UK, Europe and internationally.

As a charity, IPEM’s aim is to advance the application of physics and engineering to medicine for the public benefit and to advance public education in this field.

IPEM members perform a range of vital tasks. Some members help to ensure patients are correctly diagnosed and safely treated for illnesses such as cancer and stroke through their work on imaging and radiotherapy. Others develop, maintain and manage medical equipment such as MRI and ultrasound scanners, X-ray machines, drug delivery systems and patient monitors. All are committed to transforming health through the application of physics and engineering.


The British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) is a multi-disciplinary body whose objectives are:
• The advancement of the science and technology of ultrasonics as applied to medicine.
• The maintenance of the highest standards in these fields.
• The advancement of education and research in these areas, and dissemination of the results.
• The provision of advice and information regarding ultrasound to the public at large.

Membership of the society is drawn from a wide range of disciplines including medical and allied health professionals, physicists, engineers, nurses, midwives, technicians, general practitioners, vets and others with an interest in medical ultrasound both in the United Kingdom and overseas.
The Society of Radiographers (SoR) has advocated for radiography professionals at the heart of patient care For over 100 years.

Founded in 1920, the Society of Radiographers is one of the oldest and most experienced radiography organisations in the world.

As a trade union and UK professional body for the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy workforce, with our members, we shape policy and standards, pioneer new ways of working, and ensure safe and fair workplaces.


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