The British Institute of Radiology and the Chinese Society of Radiology publish a special publication on Artificial Intelligence in Imaging


Artificial Intelligence in Imaging is a joint publication published in collaboration between the British Institute of Radiology (BIR) and the Chinese Society of Radiology (CSR) which includes scholarly articles from the flagship journals of both societies (BJR and CJAR) on artificial intelligence (AI) and imaging.

Topics include deep learning, automation in intensity modulated radiotherapy treatment planning,

machine learning, automated tools for screening and the use of radiomics in predicting behaviour in various cancers.

The CSR and BIR are members of the BIR World Partner Network (WPN), a community of 19 international societies brought together by the BIR, with the shared goal of advancing knowledge and understanding of all their members to improve the scope and value of imaging and radiation oncology for patients across the world. This publication is an initiative arising from WPN meetings and discussions.

Professor Zhenghyu Jin, President of the CSR said “We welcome this special collaboration showcasing high quality research from CJAR and BJR which will broaden and enhance  the knowledge of AI imaging professionals across the world.”

Dr Jane Phillips-Hughes, President of the BIR said “This publication highlights some of the key research from both journals which is driving innovation and change to improve outcomes for patients throughout the world. We will share this work with our World Partner Network and we look forward to more WPN collaboration in 2020 and beyond.”

The publication can be downloaded here