Engineers attending clinical sites in a world impacted by COVID-19


AXREM members supply and maintain medical equipment essential for diagnosis, treatment and care of patients. The equipment and services are utilised for patient diagnosis and care in the context of the COVID-19 virus. Our member organisations are committed to ensuring continuity of care, which requires the intervention and support of field service engineers on-site when necessary.

Wellbeing and safeguarding are a priority; ensuring Health workers and employees mitigate risks of exposure to the virus. AXREM member companies ensure field service engineers follow safe practice guidelines for infection control, enabling continuity of critical services.

Whilst recognising the extremely challenging Healthcare environment, the need to decontaminate equipment prior to engineer attendance is imperative, as recognised by the MHRA in their publication “Managing Medical Devices” 1.

We would ask customers to ensure they follow industry best practice, as identified by the MHRA, following cleaning and disinfecting instructions provided in user manuals. Ensuring a safe environment will enable our members to continue their vital service through maximising field service engineer availability.



AXREM is the UK trade association representing the interests of suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging, radiotherapy, healthcare IT and care equipment in the UK. Our group is comprised of most of the industry supply companies.

AXREM members supply most of the diagnostic medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment installed in UK hospitals. In doing so, our member companies and their employees work side by side with Radiologists, Radiographers and Practitioners, Oncologists and a wide range of healthcare professionals in delivering healthcare to patients using our technologies.

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