AXREM Publishes Radiotherapy Manifesto


DOWNLOAD Manifesto Here: AXREM Radiotherapy Manifesto – Improving Patient Outcomes – AXREM

Cancer will affect nearly 50% of the UK population within their lifetime. When it does, radiotherapy plays a critical role in meeting this personal and national health challenge – being of direct benefit to around 50% of cancer patients.

The AXREM Radiotherapy Special Focus Group who provide most of the radiotherapy equipment in the UK, have been working collectively to produce an industry manifesto highlighting economic benefits, benefits to patient outcomes and some of the current issues that have magnified since the start of the pandemic.

  • In this manifesto we call upon the government to invest more money in Radiotherapy treatment funding radiotherapy as needed by allocating 6.5% annually within the cancer budget.
  • We ask that accessibility to treatment is improved for cancer patients with expansion of treatment provision.
  • Improved screening and diagnosis to detect cancer earlier, so improved outcomes can be achieved.
  • Revised payment mechanisms, there is a need for a comprehensive review that consider the whole treatment and new treatment methods.
  • Clear funding models need to be established to support new IT and software associated with radiotherapy.

AXREM also supports the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy and the Chairman of the group Tim Farron MP has commented on the AXREM manifesto and said “Sadly, half of us will get cancer at some point in our lives and half of those with cancer will need radiotherapy – yet radiotherapy receives a mere 5% of the cancer budget. As we argue for a more ambitious approach to radiotherapy in the UK, I welcome the AXREM manifesto. The radiotherapy industry has a vital role to play in ensuring innovative radiotherapy solutions which reduce dosage, are more patient friendly and are made available freely through the NHS”.

The manifesto also aligns to the work being done by Action Radiotherapy and the Chair of Action Radiotherapy Professor Pat Price said “The AXREM manifesto is clear; the post COVID-19 health crisis has brought the value of radiotherapy into sharp focus. It is already one of the most cost-effective and curative cancer treatments. Now it has the added benefit of being recognised as a COVID-19 safe waiting list busting solution. Investment in advanced radiotherapy should be at the heart of our plans to deliver world class cancer services”.

Sally Edgington, AXREM Director said “I am really proud to have worked with members on this manifesto and subsequent campaign, the industry voice is an important voice as AXREM members invest millions of pounds every year in vital research and development, to ensure the most innovative radiotherapy equipment and treatments are brought to the market. This often meaning less side effects, quicker and more effective treatment for the patient. With the current cancer backlog Radiotherapy has an even bigger role to play”.



  1. AXREM’s member companies supply most of the diagnostic medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment installed in UK hospitals. They work with Consultant Radiologists, Radiographers and Practitioners, Oncologists, and a wide range of healthcare professionals in delivering healthcare to patients using our technologies.
  2. Our members have unique knowledge, experience and insight into the workflow and challenges faced by healthcare professionals on a day-to-day basis, which enables us to develop and offer innovative solutions to improve the speed and quality of diagnostic procedures and treatments with our ultimate aim of improving patient care.
  3. Although our members operate in a highly competitive commercial environment and in strict conformity with UK laws and regulations, certain issues such as this require focus and resolution on an industry-wide basis.

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