AMA Endorsements

Imaging and radiotherapy services have long-standing relationships with the companies that provide equipment and services.

The offer of assurance that installation, service and applications personnel from these companies are qualified, safe and competent is compelling. It is understandable that providers of credentials for these persons have been welcomed by NHS trusts and boards, and by independent healthcare providers.

It is not often appreciated that the costs of these credentials is borne by the equipment and service providers and that the credentialing schemes make substantial profits. The costs of credentialing have ultimately to be borne by healthcare providers through raised costs for equipment and service provision.

The AXREM Members’ Accreditation Scheme aims to provide the  highest quality credentialing in a not for profit model.

The programme is supported by the equipment and service providers themselves so that NHS and independent organisations can be assured not only of the safety and competence of the personnel coming on site but also that none of the costs of the accreditations will be transferred as hidden costs.

The Society of Radiographers supports collaboration and partnership in service provision. This includes our industry colleagues. The AMA scheme is based on a shared belief in partnership and quality assurance. Consequently, the Society is pleased to support AMA and recommend it to Healthcare providers.


The RCR endorses this excellent initiative by AXREM.

IPEM supports the AXREM Members’ Accreditation Scheme. The aim of providing assurance through high quality credentialling, while reducing the costs of accreditation in the NHS Supply Chain, is an innovative and progressive idea which is in line with our values. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our colleagues in industry to help bring this about.



The British Institute of Radiology is pleased to support the AXREM Member Accreditation Scheme which aims to maintain the highest standards of qualifications, safety and competence of installation, service and applications staff, through a robust not-for-profit system of accreditation. This promotes efficiency, reduces waste and ultimately is beneficial for service providers and patients.