Testimonials – What do our members say?

AXREM provides a platform for our industry to engage collaboratively with each other on issues impacting the Healthcare landscape.  I’ve been incredibly impressed with how, since I’ve been involved with AXREM, the reach and relevance of the association has grown. It allows Fujifilm to work alongside its peers in engaging with key stakeholders in Government and Healthcare to offer our collective experience and knowledge in Imaging and Radiotherapy. 

Allan Elborn, General Manager, Fujifilm Healthcare UK Ltd


AXREM offers a platform for members of the diagnostic, imaging and therapy divisions of healthcare to have a collective voice. ‘All for one and one for all’ could be their motto.

Demands on us as suppliers are constantly evolving, and keeping up with the ever changing standards in Healthcare can be difficult for any organisation.

Meetings provide a space for us to collaborate & share opinions & ideas on topics which influence our businesses & outcomes; where we may not otherwise gain the opportunity to do so.

As an independent provider & distributor, rather than an OEM, Probo hugely recognises the value of AXREMs work in sharing information, discussing policies & influencing change.

Personally, AXREM has also been a valuable resource for me to learn from experienced members of the Healthcare Community.

Dani Langson, European Commercial Director, Probo Medical 


Membership of AXREM is very important for us. It allows us the opportunity to share knowledge with fellow manufacturers (some of whom are global companies) and Healthcare leaders. We find it very informative, and we value this.

Bob Childe – Sales & Commercial Manager at Soliton IT Ltd


AXREM offers members not only unrivalled support and knowledge of the industry, NHS and government affairs that affect our market place but also a space & opportunity to develop and grow from an individual point of view. The healthcare space is ever changing, more so in recent years with the pandemic, Brexit, supply chain issues, NHS sustainability and healthcare politics; it is really reassuring that there is a great industry body that monitors, advises, educates and supports members to ensure the we can all bring our products to market efficiently to make a difference for patient care.

Daniel Baines, Country Manager and Sales Director, Elekta 


AXREM membership means the opportunity to work together and share views with our fellow manufacturers which results in benefits not only for ourselves but for our hospitals and the general health industry.

Richard Coldrick, Senior Operations Manager at Elekta Limited


AXREM is a vital part of the Imaging and Radiotherapy ecosystem, they provide a collective voice for the industry, advocating for innovation in the sector to improve patient outcomes and ensure standards are relevant and uniformly achieved. They consult with a wide range of influential audiences including clinicians and government bringing vital insights to manufacturers like GE. We could not achieve this  efficiently if we worked alone.

Simon McGuire, Regional General Manager Northern Europe at GE Healthcare


Aidence is a young company trying to bring new innovations into an established industry. We’ve found AXREM and the AI special focus group to be a valuable resource to lean upon and see the value in collaborating with our peers to improve industry standards and engage with our external stakeholders. Our marketing & regulatory teams have also benefited from the regular marketing meetings and regulatory news updates. We’re proud to be a part of this community. 

Lloyd O’Mahony, Business Manager UK at Aidence