Position Statement on the Relationship between Investment, Prevention and a more Cost Effective NHS – July 2010.


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AXrEM is the UK trade association representing the interests of suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging, radiotherapy and care equipment in the UK. Our group is comprised of most of the industry supply companies. The majority of diagnostic medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment installed in UK hospitals is supplied by AXrEM members. Although those companies operate in a highly competitive commercial environment and in strict conformity with UK laws and regulations, certain issues require focus and resolution on an industry-wide basis.

Healthcare remains high on the UK agenda. In recent years we have begun to see the issues of equality, access, quality and productivity being addressed. Additionally, we have also seen more focus on the issues around prevention and some focus on innovation.

We are now entering a new era in political direction whilst, at the same time, recognising the need for financial control, a slow down on investment within the NHS and a new approach around the management of the NHS.

The investment in diagnostics, particularly in the area on Imaging, over the last decade has yielded significant benefit to the patient journey and experience. Access to the modern imaging techniques such as MRI and multi-slice CT scanning not only ensures that patient management is has increased dramatically and now underpins the NHS performance. Additionally, investment has also afforded the NHS access to the latest applications such as CT angiography, colour flow Doppler ultrasound and an array of MRI protocols, all of which aid in the differential diagnosis.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the value to the UK Healthcare system, patient experience and outcome which is provided by the Imaging supply community, citing examples of where the value can be experienced. However, it also highlights the need for continued investment in Imaging in order to continue to deliver on the expectations set today and those expected in the future.