Wellbeing Software

What we do:

Wellbeing Software (known for its specialist radiology business, formally known as HSS) is the inventor of Cris, the most widely used RIS in the UK. Cris is a fully featured departmental workflow solution, supporting over 200,000 users and 25 million imaging events per year.

Wellbeing supplies services to over three quarters of all radiology departments in England, with significant deployments elsewhere in the UK. As the market leader of RIS solutions to the NHS and private sector, Wellbeing is the cornerstone of UK radiology.

How we do this:

Cris can integrate with all UK PACS providers, offering its customers numerous options for a seamlessly integrated, best-of-breed, medical imaging solution. Cris can be deployed on a stand-alone basis, in a hosted environment, or across a consortium, and is referenceable in all scenarios. Wellbeing has a successful track record of providing comprehensive data migration and integration services, and conforms to the latest industry standards, including IHE, DICOM and HL7. Furthermore, Cris is offered as the ‘RIS component’ by a number of market leading EPR providers, ensuring complex, mission critical RIS functionality and workflows remain in- tact throughout the digital evolution.

Recognising the increasing pressure on radiology departments, as the number and complexity of studies continues to grow against a backdrop of a financially constrained NHS, Wellbeing is looking ahead and establishing ways to generate the efficiency benefits available to its national network of users.

Modalities/ products we cover:

Cris has a wide variety of specialist modules to offer the latest technology for reporting clinicians.  Cris Reporting is powered using work allocation rules and filters, easily controlled locally by the clinician or centrally by the departmental policies. Cris Vetting is also available to Radiologists to quickly apply protocols and justification for exams.

In addition to Reporting and Vetting, there are other modules available including Cris Scheduling, which is a clear and sophisticated diary and booking solution with department view, and Cris Mobile which contains all the features of Cris that a Radiographer needs on the move. Lastly, Cris Analytics is designed for specific radiology business intelligence in dedicated departments.

Other information:

As well establishing Cris, Wellbeing Software is one of the leading healthcare technology providers in several other sectors. Following the acquisition by The Citadel Group (a leading Australian software company) they were able to widen their existing portfolio, adding Pathology and Oncology systems to its existing specialisation in Radiology, Maternity Electronic Health Records and Data Management Services. Wellbeing Software have combined extensive resources and unparalleled experience in these specialist divisions, building on existing investments in IT as way of delivering connected healthcare records and better patient care.