AXREM Collaboration to raise awareness of the decontamination of Ultrasound equipment


During an AXREM Ultrasound Special Focus Group meeting a year ago members discussed issues surrounding the decontamination of equipment they provide to hospitals. With several different guidance’s available to professionals, often in long documents containing many pages of guidelines members decided an easy to read summary pulling out the main points could be more effective.

From this first discussion AXREM enlisted the help of the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) and the Society & College of Radiographers (SCoR) and set up a small working group and the collaborative work begun.

This best practice summary has been developed from the national and international guidelines and articles published over the last 5 years. It is intended to provide users of ultrasound with the information and general principles required to promote, ensure and evidence effective and safe decontamination of ultrasound machines and transducers.

This summary is primarily related to transducer and ultrasound machine decontamination. Whilst this is important, it is not the only consideration in the overall protection of patients from infection. Consideration should also be given to all equipment and consumables, but this sits outside the remit of this summary.

To accompany this guidance, we have also produced a poster which can be displayed in Ultrasound departments across the country and will help remind professionals to carry out important decontamination processes.

Sally Edgington AXREM Director said “This project has seen a number of professionals across all 3 organisations working together to ensure this subject is highlighted to professionals, with the current Covid-19 crisis never before has decontamination been more important. Our launch event was postponed but we felt it was important to get this information into the public domain”.

Both the documents can be downloaded from our resource library page of the AXREM website.


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Sally Edgington, AXREM Director