On there 9th February a group of AXREM members met as a working party for a follow up meeting on the subject of GS1/PEPPOL. We were also joined by Frankie Wallace and Phil Bailey; Frankie is part of the team running this project at DH and Phil is the Industry Engagement Manager at GS1.

Frankie presented a presentation to guide us through the meeting and the content provides background information on the reason for the introduction of this project and the timelines required to be achieved by supporting suppliers. Click here to download a copy of the presentation Scan 4 Safety AXREM Meeting 2017

She explained that 6 demonstrator sites have been set up and that the NHS Terms and Conditions have been updated to insist on compliance with the guidance issued by the Department of Health in relation to the adoption of GS1 and PEPPOL standards.

The 6 demonstrator sites are:

  • Derby Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust
  • North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust
  • Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust
  • Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Phil pointed out that GS1 can offer webinars on some of the topics and invited members to contact him if required.

One question often asked is do we have to attach a Bar Code label to large Capital Equipment and Frankie confirmed that this is not necessary although it could be useful to provide one with the consignment documents to assist booking in.

I have taken what was considered to be the major elements and timescales and set them out in a Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet makes reference to a host of information on the DH Workspace website which can prove useful to you. The spreadsheet can be downloaded here GS1 PEPPOL Programme

To access the DH Workspace you must first email: for access.