Smart Reporting GMbH

What we do:

Smart Reporting was founded in Munich in 2014 by Wieland Sommer, Professor of Radiology, with the vision of leveraging the value of data in medicine for better decision making and treatment.

Today, the company brings together a large interdisciplinary team of physicians and software engineers to develop software based on a deep understanding of clinical workflow. Smart Reporting values interoperability of its software as a driver for adoption and leverages current data standards and technology to provide a seamless reporting experience. Its multilingual, structured reporting software for radiology and pathology is used by more than 10,000 physicians in over 90 countries.

Smart Reporting offers a digital health solution for structured medical reporting. Currently, more than 99% of medical reports are free-text. This poses severe problems in terms of quality, reproducibility and efficiency in the healthcare system. Smart Reporting offers an intelligent software for physicians which improves quality and efficiency. The platform supports reporting clinicians to generate high-quality medical reports by applying guideline-compliant criteria in their reports. A template depicting the relevant criteria is filled in by the user, using voice, keyboard or mouse; the corresponding report text is generated simultaneously. Additional information on the medical background is provided and all report data are stored in a highly granular database and can be fully analysed.

How we do this:

Current reporting standards often lead to incomplete and inconsistent reports. Synoptic reporting has however been shown to improve medical outcomes enabling more effective interdisciplinary communication.

SmartReports supports the entire lifecycle of report creation and offers a revolutionary way of creating structured reports i.e. modular decision trees available on-demand combined with typing free-text, voice recognition and speech commands. Customers appreciate the software as a means to speed-up operations and improve report quality in settings with diverse levels of experience and expertise. Finally, Smart Reporting helps generate reports in a structured and synoptic format making them readily accessible for data mining, machine learning and registry submissions.

Modalities/ products we cover:

Smart Reporting provides a universal reporting platform enabling customers to establish an integrated reading and reporting workflow to address clinical and operational challenges in reporting and to invest in creating minable medical data, resulting in:

  • Improved report quality and clinical decision making
  • Increased productivity with automated reporting workflows
  • Advanced clinical insights and research capabilities

With a library of structured reporting templates and an install base in both Radiology and Pathology and a team of medical doctors on staff, Smart Reporting aims to revolutionise clinical documentation.