Implementation of BSS in the Medical Sector – Join the Debate!


Notwithstanding UK’s EU referendum results, the EURATOM Basic Safety Standards Directive 2013/59 will have to be transposed into UK legislation by 6th February, 2018.  To help prepare ourselves for the legislative changes, the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) is organising a one-day meeting to look at the implementation of the BSS in the medical sector.

Title: Implementation of BSS in the Medical Sector – Join the Debate!

Organiser: SRP Medical Sector Committee, co-sponsored by IPEM and BIR

Date: Tuesday, 22nd November 2016

Venue: It is at the prestigious Royal Institution (Ri), 21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BS. The meeting will be held in the Ri lecture theatre where the famous annual Christmas Lecture takes place.

Registration is now open – early registration is recommended!

Details: Registration details are up on the SRP website, as is the programme:

Structure of the meeting:

There will be four sessions and each session will be followed by a discussion forum:

Session 1: Protection of individuals undergoing medical exposures using medical radiological equipment or radioactive medicinal products

Session 2: Protection of workers and the public

Session 3: Protection of the environment and the public

Session 4: Qualified experts

Representatives from the Department of Health, Public Health England, Health and Safety Executive, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Environment Agency will give presentations on their topics and answer questions at the panel discussions.  Other speakers include NHS medical physicists who will give their perspectives on what implementing the new BSSD would mean in practice.